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Bluecoat - Stripper


Stripper has been especially designed to remove the cured photo lacquer from the nickel rotary screen, even if polymerization of the photo lacquer has taken place at 180° deg. C, during 2 hours.

The great advantage of Stripper is that stripping takes place at room temperature.

Directions for use

Pour the Stripper into a Polyethylene stripping tank. The Screen is immersed in the Stripper. After 15-30 minutes the engraving lacquer will become loose. This time will depend on the temperature, at which polymerization was realized and the number of times screen in used. We advise that the correct stripping time is established empirically.

After the screen has been taken from the Stripper, any lacquer remaining is sprayed off with water and then the screen is very thoroughly rinsed with water and dried.

The effect of the Stripper will slowly decrease. In general it can be stated that, the consumption is 1 / 2 to 1 liter of Stripper per screen. In case of very long stripping time, empty the stripping tank and clean it thoroughly.


As Stripper contains hazardous solvents and other volatile organic substance there should be provision for proper ventilation in the working space and the stripping tank should be covered.

Stripper should never be allowed to come into contact with skin. When working with the stripper it is compulsory to wear safety goggles, protective mask and gloves, protective clothing and safety shoes. The most suitable material for gloves and clothing is polythene. Immediately after it has come into contact with Stripper the material must be washed off.

When the skin has been affected, rinsed-off with lot of water, dry it thoroughly & then treat with fatty cream.

After rinsing out with the aid of any eye-bath and a strongly diluted solution of sodium bicarbonate, on doctor's prescription, the eyes shall be washed, after which a few drops of castor oil applied into the eye; immediately afterwards consult eye surgeon or other doctor. The above must be available in the working area.


Drums and cans containing Stripper should be stored in a cool environment, and they must be properly closed. Carbouy should be kept at the ground level.


35 Kgs. Plastic Carbouy.

We recommend that before using our product in full scale production, the customer should make his own tests to determine the suitability of the product for his own purpose under his own operating conditions. Since the circumstances under which our product is stored, handled & used, are beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility of their use by the customer.