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Technova's Inkjet Media
Wide range of films & papers top coated with ink-receptive coating for printing on inkjet plotters. Available in a wide variety of thickness, widths, roll lengths & cut-sheets to suit the requirements of different inkjet printers.

NovaJet Engineering Matte Film

Dimensionally stable double matte polyester film with Superior edge acuity, high image definition & correction properties for inkjet printing of CAD drawings.

Ideal for

  • Print, Store & Duplicate applications
  • Mechanical drawings, product design, acrhitectural layouts, construction plans, renderings, elevations etc.
  • Rejuvenation of old and worn-out designs
  • Also available with water resistance featre

NovaJet Coated Paper

Matte papers with ink-receptive coating for a wide colour gamut of inkjet printing.

Ideal for

  • Final drawings & Presentations
  • Product design, prototypes, 3D - acrhitecturaldrawings, landscape drawings etc.
  • Remote Sensing & GIS imaging applications