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Guar Gum based Printing Gum For Silk & Polyester Fabric


Product : Textile Printing Thickner
Appearance : Light to Lemon Yellow Free flowing fine mesh powder.
Character : Non-ionic, Chemically modified galactomannan derivative.
PH : 8 - 9
Rheology : Produce straight and long flowing pseudo-plastic paste. The film is very elastic and pliable. The paste is nearly non adhesive.
Stability to bacteria : Stable for minimum one week without any additional preservative.
Viscosity : Full viscosity develops at 7% to 8%.
Mesh Size: BV/UF has more finer particles than BVU.
Solubility : Soluble in cold as well as in hot water. Over night keeping is necessary if dissolved in cold water. With hot water, swelling is faster and elasticity is improved.
Application : For Printing Disperse, Acetate, Acid, 1:1 and 1:2 Metal complex, Cationic and modified basic dyestuffs.


  • The main field of application is in printing with dyes-disperse, Acetate, Acid, 1:1 and 1:2 Metal comlex Procinyls, Cationic and Modified basic dyestuff.
  • While using with above dyestuff the stock paste should be adjusted to neutral pH with the addition of non-volatile organic acid.
  • This is also suitable for Discharge. Resist and Devore/Brosso style of printing.
  • Also suitable for printing with dyes - Vats, Indigosols, Rapidogens, Rapid fast, Direct etc.
  • The long flowing and excellent pseudo plastic paste gives penetration and even levelness of prints. The flow property is maintained at a higher concentration of the paste and as such can be used both for surface as well as deep penetration of prints.
  • Due to clear, transparent and non-transferable colour characteristic of the paste, shade do not become cloudly even under unfavourable fixation conditions.
  • Due to elastic film, prints do not rub or crack during and fixation process and as such sharp, neat clean and accurate outlines with intense colours available. Easy washability even after over drying or over heating during fixation process.
  • Due to high degree of purity and less residue it easily passes through the fine mesh of the screen at high speed and as such Incilan BVUF with more high mesh is suitable for Rotary screen printing machine to yield level blotches and sharp outlines.