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Bluecoat - 909 Photo Emulsion

Photo Emulsion For Flat Screens

Prepare Sensitiser by dissolving 5-8 gms of good quality Ammonium Bichromate in 50 ml of distilled water (or soft tap water) for one kg Bluecoat. You can add up to 100 ml water also to adjust viscosity.

Give two coats (one outside - dry - another inside)

Give maximum exposing time, keep in water for 10 minutes and then spray water to open. (Study different exposing time from one to four minutes and standardise)

Prepare fixer by dissolving 80-100 gms of Ammonium Bichromate (80 for Nylon Cloth & 100 for Polyester Bolting Cloth) in 1 litre of water and apply firmly on outside of the screen by cotton cloth. Dry - Wash - Dry. Apply paint inside, if necessary.


Keep the container closed & away from sunlight.

Shelf Life

12 months, if container is properly closed.


10 Kgs. Bucket Packing.

We recommend that before using our product in full scale production, the customer should make his own tests to determine the suitability of the product for his own purpose under his own operating conditions. Since the circumstances under which our product is stored, handled & used, are beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility of their use by the customer.